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We focus on the small to medium-sized businesses and help them to succeed. We provide the resources  for them to be successful. If it is not something we excel in, we will find the resources to support them.  Our goal is to prioritize delivering value and excellent service for our clients. 

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Manufacturing Services

Fractional leadership can offer manufacturers a strategic advantage by providing access to specialized expertise, cost-effective solutions, and flexible leadership resources. This approach can help manufacturers enhance their operational efficiency, adapt to industry changes, and achieve their business goals more effectively.

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Cost Efficiency

Fractional leaders are typically hired on a part-time basis, allowing manufacturers to access top-tier leadership expertise without the full cost associated with hiring a full-time executive. This cost savings can be especially advantageous for small to medium-sized manufacturers with budget constraints.

Specialized Expertise

Manufacturers can bring in fractional leaders who have specific expertise in areas such as operations, supply chain management, process optimization, quality control, or technology integration. These experts can quickly identify inefficiencies and implement targeted solutions, leading to improved operations and higher product quality.


Fractional leaders can be engaged for specific projects or initiatives, allowing manufacturers to adapt to changing market conditions or address short-term challenges. This flexibility enables companies to scale their leadership resources up or down as needed.

Rapid Impact

Experienced fractional leaders bring a wealth of industry knowledge and best practices to the table. Their ability to quickly understand an organization's challenges and opportunities means they can drive meaningful results in a shorter timeframe compared to a traditional onboarding process for a full-time executive.


Fractional leaders often provide an impartial perspective on an organization's processes, culture, and strategies. Their outsider viewpoint can lead to more innovative solutions and help break down internal silos that might hinder progress.

Skill Transfer

Fractional leaders not only solve immediate problems but also have the potential to upskill existing teams. They can mentor and train internal employees, leaving the organization better equipped to handle similar challenges in the future.

Risk Mitigation

If a manufacturer is uncertain about committing to a long-term executive hire, fractional leadership offers a way to "test the waters." This can help organizations avoid costly hiring mistakes by evaluating a leader's fit with the company culture and objectives before making a full-time commitment.

Time Savings

Traditional executive searches and onboarding processes can be time-consuming. Fractional leaders can be brought in relatively quickly, helping manufacturers address urgent needs without the delays associated with a comprehensive hiring process.

Network and Connections

Fractional leaders often come with extensive networks and connections in the industry. This can be valuable for manufacturers seeking partnerships, suppliers, or opportunities for collaboration.

Crisis Management

During periods of transition, crisis, or change, fractional leaders can provide stability and guidance. They can steer the organization through challenging times while also preparing the internal team for a smooth transition back to normal operations.

Expertise in Lean Six Sigma Tools

Fractional leaders with experience in Lean Six Sigma bring a deep understanding of the methodologies, tools, and techniques involved. They can guide the organization in selecting the right tools for specific challenges, ensuring that Lean Six Sigma projects are well-planned and executed effectively.

Change Management

Fractional leaders can facilitate the change management process that comes with implementing Lean Six Sigma initiatives. They can work with cross-functional teams to overcome resistance to change, communicate the benefits of process improvements, and ensure that employees are engaged and aligned with the changes.

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