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Fractional Executives

Fractional executives, also known as fractional C-suite executives or fractional leaders, refer to  experienced professionals who work part-time or on a temporary basis as executives within  organizations. These individuals typically hold high-level positions such as Chief Executive Officer (CEO),  Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), or Chief  Technology Officer (CTO).

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Overall, fractional executives offer organizations a flexible and cost-effective solution to accessing top level talent and expertise. By leveraging their skills and experience on a part-time basis, companies can benefit from their leadership without the long-term commitment or financial burden of a full-time executive hire.

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Hiring a fractional executive can be more affordable than employing a full-time executive. Organizations can benefit from the expertise of an experienced leader without incurring the full costs associated with a permanent hire, such as salary, benefits, and office space.


Fractional executives provide flexibility in terms of engagement duration. Organizations can bring them on board for a specific project, during a transition period, or for a fixed number of hours per week. This arrangement allows businesses to adapt quickly to changing needs and scale their leadership support accordingly.

Diverse Skill Sets

Fractional executives often have a wide range of experience working with different organizations and industries. This diversity of expertise can bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to an organization, helping to drive business success.

Reduced Risk

Fractional executives provide organizations with an opportunity to test their leadership capabilities before committing to a full-time hire. This minimizes the risk associated with making long term executive appointments and allows organizations to evaluate the value a fractional executive brings to the organization.

Access to Networks

Fractional executives often have extensive networks within their respective industries. This can be advantageous for organizations seeking strategic partnerships, new business opportunities, or access to key stakeholders.

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